2017 Church Council

Chairperson:  Dan Cochran
Pastor:  Bryan Patrick
Lay Leaders:
Lay Delegates to Annual Conference:  Chandra Londenberg
Secretary:  Marlene Springer
UMW Representative:  Suzzane Reaves
Young Adult Representative:  Sean Brace
Youth Representative:  Rebekah Small
Staff Representatives: (Click to See List) Staff Representatives

Our Church Council Committee Chairpersons

Children's Ministry Team:  Lauren Aimone
Christian Education:  Ty & Sue Herring
Evangelism:  Ruth Smith
Family Ministry Team:
Finance:  Billy Young
Mission Team:  Melissa Naylor
Nurture:  Ruth Smith & Debbie Young
Prayer Team: Ken Flowers
Staff-Parish Relations:  Eric Ames
Trustees:  Steve Patrick
Worship Committee:  Sydney Dean
Youth Ministry Team:  Chandra Londenberg