The Prayer Shawl Group meets monthly, on the first Tuesday, at 9:30 a.m. at a member's home. We lovingly make crochet and knitted Prayer Shawls, Prayer Cloths, Baby Blankets, and other items, to meet church and community needs. We welcome anyone to our meetings, for fellowship. 

These prayer shawls are given to our members during times of distress. As the shawl is prepared, the recipient is prayed for, with the knitter or crocheter not knowing who that will be.  The shawl is then prayed for again when it is finished still not knowing who we are praying for.  We know God's love goes with the shawl wherever it goes. God is in control of who receives and when.  Each prayer shawl carries a reminder of God's love and care for each of his children.  If you would like to become part of this ministry, or it you know of someone who is in need of a shawl, please call the church office.