W.A.C.K.Y. WednesdaysImage

 Though we are no doubt a little wacky each week, this popular after-school ministry reminds us that "We Are Christ's Kid's Y'All".  At Wacky Wednesdays we learn elements of our faith, strengthen our knowledge of the Bible, and especially focus on developing a Christian character  
always in an engaging way that includes food, friends, and fun!

Over 70 kids participate each week, but there's still room for more!


• SEPT/OCT - Freedom & Faith
• NOV - Power of Thanks
• DEC - The King's Birth
• JAN/FEB - Girls of Grace & Boys of Boldness
• MARCH - Making of the Annual Holy Week Movie
• APRIL/MAY - Happily Forever After...Heaven is Made for You 

Holy Week Movie

Each year our Wacky Wednesday kids are featured in a "Holy Week Movie" as they reenact the final week of Jesus' life on earth.