Wednesday Night Small Groups              5:30 - 7:30 pm

Our students join together for a fellowship dinner, followed by small group time together.  In small groups, students grow in god's grace as they learn scripture, apply it to their lives today, and lie and intentional life for Christ.  Small groups is where transformation happens!

Start 2017 ALL-IN for His Plan!

I'm In:  A 4-week Series about following Jesus

Are you in?  Some of Jesus' friends were faced with the same decision of whether they were "in" or "out".  They had good reasons to join the Jesus movement, but they also had some pretty compelling reasons to step out..things like doubt, guilt, pride & fear of what they might miss.  As we get to know these sometimes famous & devoted followers, we'll talk about the decision they faced, why they could have walked away, & what led them to stay.  "I'm In".